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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  December 4, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PST

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bay another rainy spell heads our way a mudslide has forced caltrans to close eastbound on-ramp linking i-80 to highway 29 in vallejo. sky 7 hd was overhead. caltrans says it expects to reopen by 3:00 this afternoon. good morning i'm kristen sze. and i'm cheryl jennings. right now along san mateo county coast one-way traffic control in effect at highway 1 devils slide. in the wake of the three storms that hit the bay area this past week, this is live picture. the crews are doing erosion control work. that closure will be in effect until 3:00 this afternoon. some parts of the bay area will see continued wet weather in that shot you are not seeing rain yet. >> our meteorologist mike nicco joins us now. live doppler 7 hd we have a storm north, heading up to
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u$at is where we are seeing the most amount of rain border with mendocino county, drop a couple hundredths of an inch of rain yellows, moderate rain moving so fast northeast 30 to 35 miles per hour it is not going to drop much rain. north bay most of the rain sea ranch to fort ross not to jenner yet, those areas have seen sporadic light rain during the morning. most rainfall enough to make the ground wet, it hasn't made it as far south as santa rosa yet. a little light rain exiting napa towards sacramento over the next hour. pretty health healthy wall of water. this storm is going to bring rain later on during the evening and overnight hours
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until then, most of the north bay will get rain through the daylight hours. stay with abc7 news for continuing storm watch coverage. you can track the systems any time with live doppler at reminder, we want to see your weather photos send them to ureport. the alameda county sheriff's department is under fire because it wants to buy an unmanned aerial system for surveillance purposes. some people call these drones. civil liberties groups say this was didn't in secret. >> reporter: they don't like how it appeared on the agenda today. the aclu is watching this carefully, wants it debated in public. here are pictures. the two sides can't agree what to call them.
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aclu considers them drones. sheriff says unmanned aerial systems. the sheriffs want them for search-and-rescue and pursue criminals. aclu is worried about privacy. the issue wasn't being debated the sheriff got the item taken off the agenda and sent it to the public safety committee. >> you have board letters, memorandums and conversations with people out in the open and public we're not be secretive. we've offered the media and politicians in the area to come out and take a look at our unmanned aerial system that we are thinking about purchasing. >> i'm glad that it appears as though this is going to be taken back to committee right now and opened up for more public conversation. but it is unfortunate this the sheriff at first really tried to push this through without that. it is hard to trust his
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intentions. it is important for us to make sure that if this device is deployed, that rigid safeguards are put into place to protect people's privacy. >> reporter: the sheriff's office wants to pay with a grant that it gets every year from homeland security it is routine put the item on the agenda for approval. the sheriff says it was a mystic it ended up -- mistake it ended up there today. we can look forward to more debate. aclu says it will be watching. a date has yet to be set when a committee will meet to discuss this issue. live in oakland, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. muni metro service in san francisco is fully operational after an outage stranded thousands and left the morning commute in doubt. crews managed to fix the problem in the nick of time restoring service at 5:00 this morning. repairs to the equipment were
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made overnight near the van ness station. muni says aren't off from sunday's storm found its -- says runoff from sunday's storm founds it way into the electrical equipment. a woman in a wheelchair in critical after she was struck by a muni streetcar yesterday near market and church streets around 5:30. passenger shot this video of the rescue effort he says he heard a man pounding yelling for the operator to stop. police are investigating whether the woman leaned forward into the train or fell out of her wheelchair. >> update on house fire that broke out in sonoma county in a rural part of petaluma on stagler lane. it was fully engulfed when the firefighters arrive haz-mat team on the scene no word on what they are cleaning up. dispatchers say crews received
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the call 3:30 this morning the house burned almost two hours. the sheriff's department says the home was vacant. san jose police say they've confessed -- confiscated $135,000 worth of marijuana in a home in east san jose on sandalwood court neighbors reportedññ suspicious people backing in and out when officers arrived nobody was home and the door was open inside they found' labyrinth growing operation, including -- an elaborate growing operation, including 300 pot plants. abc7 is co-sponsoring a job fair today. terry mcsweeney is live at the hire event at the doubletree hotel. >> reporter: here in san jose 350 jobs available in one place, starting at noon today at the doubletree. if you look you can see
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extreme learn something here they are looking for in-house and online fors, 130 or so of them. -- online tutors, 130 or so. global treasury management, housekeepers, public relations, cocktail servers, linguists for the army, sales an s, line cooks, manage -- management trainees it is all over the map. a spokeswoman talked about why she loves going online also job fairs are a great place to find work. >> if you are a person going to a -- fisher person going to a pond and keep striking out day after day, why keep going back there you are going to look for a new pond to fish in same thing with job search if you are discouraged why go back to the same site?
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do something different, think out of the box. start coming to job fairs. >> reporter: also available today, resume critiquing. they will give you five minutes look at your resume. maybe it is not the worker, being maybe it is the way you are presenting yourself. also interesting, company doing a lot of hiring nelson staffing. these -- this is a company that helps other companies find the right workers. if they're looking for workers then things are looking up around the south bay and the bay area as far as jobs go. if you gotta a job want more money, responsibility this will be the place to go the army personnel looking for a number of jobs, includingling businesses. a lot going -- including linguists. a lot going on, terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. here's what you need to know bring your resume to the
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doubletree hotel from noon to 4:00 this afternoon. all of this information is available on still ahead, new fight waged, north bay oyster farm ordered to shutdown what they are doing to stay open. more protests planned ahead of another vote to ban nudity in san francisco. what opponents say they will do if supervisors move forward with new ordinance. latest on the royal mom to be. kate middleton is in the hospital. the rest of the wor
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the owner of drakes bay oyster company is fighting the decision to shutdown his business. 40% of the state's oyster production this is the wrong video. the interior secretary salazar decided the company's lease would not be renewed. that the site should be returned to its natural sight. drakes bay owner says the government is misrepresenting and has hired an attorney and filed against the federal government. protesters plan to bare it all again today if there is approval on the nudity ban. nudists stripped down two weeks ago when the board ed to
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give initial approval to the ordinance. would it prohibit nudity on streets, plazas, sidewalks and other public spaces fines would start at $100 if approved people would allowed to walk around naked at certain parades, fairs and festivals. new word from across the pond on how the pregnant duchess of cambridge is feeling as she remains hospitalized for severe morning sickness. katie marzullo is live with the latest on royal baby watch. >> reporter: the pwfrbgs bc's royal correspondent -- the bbc's royal correspondent has tweeted she is feeling better. she will be in the hospital for a couple of days. first thing this morning prince william caught on tape walking quickly into the london hospital where his wife is being treated for acute morning sickness. painful way to kickoff pregnancy giving so much
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pleasure to everyone else. >> when the economy is tough and times are a little tough this is news that cheers everyone up. >> british love her, it makes everybody a little happier. >> reporter: since the day they got engaged they've been talking about the importance of family. >> be able to have a happy family ourselves. >> reporter: the when was off the table when prince william sat down with katie couric in may. >> is there anything you would like to tell me? >> tight lips. >> reporter: kate toasting with water in september. last week prince william happy accepting a onesie. the clues were there, if you knew where to look. >> one of the many ways william and kate aren't that different from your average couple is the fact they got a puppy. when you -- >> reporter: kate is not one to back down from a challenge days before being admitted to the hospital she was playing field hockey in high heels.
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great role model for a daughter who would need to be strong. under new rules the first born will be next in line for the throne even if it is a girl, even if a boy comes later. potential queen elizabeth iii. >> at the moment we think it is going to be a girl, if it is, elizabeth is the favorite who better to name the baby after them, william's grandmother a/k/a her majesty the queen. >> reporter: about if it is a boy the topic is george. the odds on twins 10-1. katie marzullo, abc7 news. >> they will bet on anything. what are our odds are seeing rain today? >> about 100% in most areas. >> i like those odds. >> odds greater overnight. let's look outside, right now from emeryville across alcatraz to the golden gate
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bridge, hazy for the most part dry rainfall amounts impressive. important health news for people suffering from chronic insomnia. a possible explanation behind the reason some of us can't get a good night sleep. >> facebook veils new product [ female announcer ] martinelli's gold medal sparkling cider is the perfect choice for holiday gatherings. martinelli's is non-alcoholic, festive like champagne, and tastes great! martinelli's: since 1868.
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new evidence this morning that suggests link between breathing problems and insomnia. researchers fond people who have respiratory problems -- found people who have respiratory problems show a drop in oxygen inhaled that could affect how deeply they sleep. income yaks -- >> we now important sleep is. >> funny how well you function without the sleep. >> it is amazing. >> let's talk about function tomorrow and a little sleep and a lot of rain for your morning commute. good morning. here's a look from vollmer peak back towards san francisco looks hazy now,
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multi-layers of clouds, same thing east even a little sun trying to breakthrough in san francisco, as we look towards mount diablo. live doppler 7 hd that storm has pushed through and heading north of cobb going to head up into lake county. here's a few more better cells with yellow being moderate rain on fort ross and meyers grade road one from jenner fort ross this morning that is where most of the rain is going to stay today, left better radar returns where the heaviest of the rain is going to stay during the afternoon rain for the north bay even sunshine as you head farther south trying to break out here short-lived around the bay area may get an hour moving through some of those thinner clouds, mid to upper 50s in most neighborhoods, monterey bay or inland, mid to upper
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50s. rain best chance of it being organized north bay during the daylight hours south tonight out of here thursday it will stay a way for a long time. warm front brought us some of the rain this morning. now we are watching the cold front going to bring heavier rain. there's a new player this i saw developing this morning this wave is going to ride along the front slow its forward progress, when it does come through, it going to have moderate to even possibly heavy rain with that low coming through just timing. noon you can see best chance of organized rain steady in the north bay as we head towards the evening rush once the sunsets easier for light rain to develop and fall to the ground expect everybody to get wet during the evening and early overnight hours the next wave during the morning rush hour when we could get light to moderate rain possibly ponding on the roads tomorrow morning. once that wave passes, about
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noon, we start to see showers develop during the afternoon still under a unstable air mass not until wednesday night into thursday, cooler, drier air starts to come in, breaks in the clouds thursday morning possibility of fog. an inch and a half north bay, two inches mountains, 3/4 of an inch peninsula and east bay, half an inch of rain in the south bay. that is for tomorrow. thursday broncos in town to take on raiders you can watch the game here if you head out to the game dress warmly it will be in the 50s after we top out in the 60s. friday through sunday some of that drier air slightly cooler, maybe you will take the trade off in the sun and dry weather for 50s for a couple of days. >> dry for raiders game. >> absolutely. menlo park based facebook is taking a giant step offering a product to consumers that has nothing to do with facebook sort of launching a messages app for
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people with android phones. using name and phone number you can begin send messages facebook is hoping to reach a larger audience. the new product is being rolled out in five countries not in the united states yet. peyton manning brings the first placed broncos to the coliseum this week because we'll carry the game live we've made it raiders day here this thursday starts with a pregame edition of abc7 news at 4:00 followed by kickoff at 5. hope you join us for the whole thing. still ahead, secondhand surprise. >> meet the woman who brought home a gold mine from her local goodwill store.
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america's flying squirrel on katie. then at 4 struggle to get children into a good school turns into a stampede for one group of parents. then at 5, cause for alarm in several east bay cities fire stations could be on the chopping block those stories later today. this falls under why can't this happen us to. you heard the story of treasures found at secondhand stores. a loyal goodwill shop midwest stumbled upon a gold mine. >> karen paid $12.34 on a piece of secondhand art. >> turns out it was a signed lithograph, 55 of 75 produced. >> chicago base appraiser valued the principle at $9 -- at $9,000 at least.
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>> [ unintelligible ] >> good for her. >> thanks for joining us. >> have a great day.
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[dramatic music] ♪ >> hello, and welcome to millionaire. today's first contestant is known amongst her friends as the human tip calculator. from houston, texas, please welcome minal shah. hey, minal. >> hi. [cheers and applause] >> the human tip calculator? how did you get that nickname? >> yeah, i'm sort of everyone's favorite person.


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